When installing your KRISTAL Shower Door always refer to the fitting instructions as per the range and model you have purchased. For general guidance please ensure the following instructions are adhered to;

  • Please carefully read fitting instructions before you begin installation and ensure all component parts are complete and in perfect condition.
  • Ensure the shower tray is level and fitted as per manufacturer's instructions.
  • Wall profiles should be stepped in approx 15mm from the edge of the tray before affixinQuadrant Double-ll. See fitting instructions for your specific enclosure.
  • Wall profiles should be plumb, horizontally & vertically aligned and checked with a spirit level as per fitting instructions.
  • Walls should be checked at different levels to ensure consistency?
  • Finished measurements on tray should comply with the adjustments listed for the specific shower enclosure.
  • The finished shower enclosure should be sealed correctly with silicone sealant on the OUTSIDE ONLY.
  • Door rollers may need adjustment (see fitting instructions).

For a full range of fitting instructions follow the link above.

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